Foo Dogs Defensive Tactics has partnered with Point Blank Range to present an exclusive training opportunity, Edged Weapons Seminar taught by Steve R!

In this four-hour seminar we will go through techniques on how to defend yourself against an attacker or multiple attackers using edged weapons or improvised weapons regardless of size, strength, age, or gender.  Students will gain confidence and build a sense of empowerment with the development of a new skillset which expands your means to defend yourself outside of use of firearms.

Training knives provided for use during this course or purchase your own.

Fox DART American Tanto knives, the fastest deployment knives on the defensive market, have been ordered!!  If you purchase your own DART knife from Point Blank Range, you will have an additional exclusive opportunity to train WITH STEVE for an additional hour after the seminar and learn techniques specific to this knife.  This benefit is offered at only $49!  Make sure to pre-order your Fox DART Tanto knife today!

Cost:  $100 for Edged Weapons Seminar / $149 for an additional hour working with Dart Knife

Registration for this course must be completed through Point Blank Range, Mooresville or Matthews NC.


Please give us as much detail as possible so we can answer your needs to the best of our ability. We will be back in touch asap.


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